2mL Essential Oil Dropper Bottle - Multiple Scents Available

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Do you want your flowers to smell as beautiful as they look? Purchase our premium grade essential fragrance oils and apply them to the handmade wood flowers for an added effect. It only takes a few drops.

You start with adding 2-3 drops of your chosen oil scent to our handmade wood flowers and then add more drops as needed to make the scent as light or heavy as you prefer. Scent generally lasts 3-6 months, except when used on our air vent clips for your car, because the oil will dissipate faster with the increased heat temperatures in the car. Once the beautiful aroma dissipates from your flower, you can add more of the same scent on the wood flowers, or choose a new scent to try. There is enough oil in the 2mL vial to scent many flowers several times over. A little goes a long way!