Southwest Arrows

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This wall hanging is 27” wide x 35.5” long and is ready to be enjoyed. I can hang either way you like as per the photos. It was all hand cut, stitched, and Longarm quilted by me to finish it off.

All of our quilted items can be hung up to be displayed on a wall, hung over a couch or chair, used as a table topper/runner or bed runner. They are hand cut, stitched, and Longarm quilted by Heather to finish them off.

 They are made with 100% quilt shop quality cotton fabrics and are exceptional in every detail.  They will be cherished for generations to come.

Once your chosen item arrives, you will quickly understand why our handmade gifts are so unique and priced competitively. Each of our items include the detailed washing instructions, and even a color catcher (to use on the first wash). 

If you are looking for a custom item, that will be cherished for a lifetime, please consider special requesting a work of love from us.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information on this or any completed item we offer at